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Cabling Trees

What is tree cabling?

Cabling trees is a process by which you use external supports to save an established tree that would not survive without them. It may have been damaged, or is growing in a way that means it needs external support. Tree cabling is done by fixing cables in exactly the right position to support the tree to continue growing.

The cables provide external support to prevent further damage which would eventually make a tree unviable, such as in the case of a split trunk. Tree cabling can also be used as a preventative measure. For example, if a branch is growing at a strange angle or too close to a building. This technique can be used to manage the risk of it falling on the building or passers by. Tree cabling can also be used to preserve the overall shape and aesthetic appeal of an established, but damaged, specimen tree.

Does a storm damaged tree need to be cut down?

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Following a severe storm or other tree damage, not all trees will need to have branches removed or be cut down. A professionally trained arborist can determine if a tree can be saved through tree cabling or bracing.

When is cabling or bracing trees the right solution?

 Cabling and bracing trees are techniques that are designed to provide long term support for the tree. This could be for the rest of the tree’s life. They are particularly useful in an urban environment such as Toronto where trees that are otherwise sustainable may be seen as posing a risk due to their proximity to buildings or passers by.

In such circumstances tree cabling and bracing can be a good solution to save mature trees that otherwise would be cut down.

Can I cable or brace my trees myself?

 Tree cabling is a specialist technique that must be carried out by a trained arborist and you shouldn’t attempt to do it yourself. If tree cabling is not done correctly you may fail to manage the risk the cabling is intended to manage. Or you could risk causing more damage to the tree.

How do I save my damaged tree?

Jack of All Trees are experts in a wide variety of tree cabling systems and techniques. We can also use other methods of tree support such as tree bracing, guying, and propping. So, if you have a damaged tree that you want to save, get in touch. We will carry out a thorough review and assess whether tree cabling or other techniques can preserve the life of your tree for many years to come.

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