Emergency Tree Removal Toronto

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Emergency Tree Removal Toronto

At Jack of All Trees our certified arborists offer 24/7 emergency tree removal across Toronto. Because the the weather in Toronto can change so rapidly, we are always on hand with our emergency call out service for storm damaged or other dangerous trees. In the case of an emergency, don’t take unnecessary risks with your safety, call us on +1 (647) 229-6439

How to deal with storm damaged trees

We lose many trees in Toronto every year as a result of storms. Snow, ice and high winds can cause major damage to even healthy trees. Deciding what to do with damaged trees is not a clear cut process. When a tree has been damaged and poses a risk to people or property it may be sufficient to simply carry out damaged branch removal. But in some cases the entire tree will need to be cut down. It can be extremely dangerous to remove storm damaged trees. It is important that you do not try to do this yourself. When a tree or branch has broken or fallen, or is in danger of falling, you need to contact a professional emergency tree removal service in Toronto. Always check that any emergency tree removal service is properly certified and qualified to assess the level of risk and remove any danger.

When it comes to cutting storm damaged trees don’t take risks by trying to do this yourself. You may cause injury or serious harm to yourself or others.

Emergency Tree Removal Toronto

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Preventing Storm Damage to Trees in Toronto

Emergency Tree Removal Toronto

With extreme weather events in Toronto becoming more common, what can you do to protect your trees or identify trees that are at risk from storm damage? Examining your trees before problems arise will reduce the risk of needing emergency tree removal. The first step is a visual assessment. Look for the tips of the branches that have dieback, gaps or discolouration and also look at the lean of the tree.

A tree that is leaning doesn’t necessarily mean there is a problem. Trees can, like us, adapt to their surroundings. When trees sway in the wind they develop extra strength to withstand the force of high winds or other harsh weather. You will notice how some trees develop a lean as they grow into open sunlight away from larger trees and structures.

But trees that lean because of soil or root failure are not stable and will be at risk of damage in extreme weather. You particularly need to look out for uplifted or broken roots, mounded soil, or soil cracks near the base of the tree. Also check for branches that are out of place and extend past the crown or canopy. Diseased, dying or damaged trees are more vulnerable to storm damage so if in doubt about the health of your trees, call in a professional. Prevention is better than cure. Regularly inspecting and maintaining your trees well could prevent a lot of damage and expense, or worse, risk to life.

If you would like some advice about the health and safety of your trees or you are worried about a particular tree in your garden, get in touch to book a site visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

After a storm or extreme weather event check your trees. You are liable for damage or injury caused by trees on your property. Look out for cracks in the trunk, broken or split limbs. If a tree is leaning it could be unsafe and needs to be checked by a professional. Also look for signs of exposed roots or root movement. If your tree has been damaged by a storm all is not lost. It can be possible to save a damaged tree with the right cabling and bracing. This will depend on the nature and extent of the damage.

Whilst many insurance policies will cover the cost of removing a tree that has been storm damaged, this is not always the case. It will depend on the cause of the damage and the nature of the risks insured. Some policies will not cover trees that are a certain distance from a property. Others may cover the cost of cutting the tree down to make it safe, but not its removal. If you have trees on your property always check carefully the terms of your insurance policy to make sure you have an appropriate level of cover.

The cost of removing a tree in an emergency will vary depending on how large the tree is, its location and how hazardous a job it is to remove it. Under some circumstances at least part of the cost of emergency tree removal may be covered by your insurance policy. However, your insurance company may well not cover the cost of removal of the debris from your property, stump grinding etc. Make sure you use a reputable, fully insured professional tree removal company. Jack of All Trees operates a 24/7 emergency tree removal service.

It’s really important to make sure that the team removing your storm damaged tree are properly qualified. For a start, depending on the nature of the damage it may not be necessary to cut it down. You should only let a properly qualified, certified arborist cut down your trees. Ask to see their certification and check that they are fully insured. A reputable company will be happy to show you their insurance certificate.

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