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Stump Grinding Toronto

Sadly it is not always possible to save a tree, and it has to be removed. Removing a tree properly should always also include removal of the stump. Make sure that if you ask for a quote for tree removal it includes the removal of the tree stump. Otherwise you will be left with a problem.

If you don’t remove a tree stump you will be left with a potential trip hazard. There is also the possibility of sucker growth, stump rot or insect infestation. Tree stumps that have not been properly removed can affect the health of the surrounding plants.  Tree stumps are also unsightly and create obstacles in your yard.

Stump grinding is the most efficient and effective way to remove tree stumps. Digging out a tree stump is environmentally friendly but very labour intensive and time consuming. Chemical removal or burning can be dangerous or harmful to the environment. Once a stump has been properly removed, you should be able to replant in the area within a month or so.

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It is possible to rent a tree stump grinder, and do it yourself, but you might want to consider whether this would be a false economy. A suitably trained and qualified professional can effectively and safely remove a tree stump very quickly. A suitably powerful tree stump grinder is a serious piece of kit and you will need to be confident you can use it safely, and wear proper protective gear.

If you would rather employ someone else to do the hard work of tree stump removal, Jack of All Trees provides a stump grinding service across Toronto.

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