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Jack of All Trees is a professional tree service. We do not take risks with safety. Our workers always follow all applicable safety regulations and standards for our region. Canada has some of the toughest safety standards in the world – and we follow them. We will not take risks with the safety of our clients, their property, passers by or our workforce.

All our workers understand the proper use all of equipment required and use safe work practices at all times. Our equipment is properly maintained and checked before we begin each job. We protect ourselves by wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) such as chainsaw protective pants and boots, gloves and appropriate headgear. Good communication is also key. We carry out a risk assessment before each job. We start each job with a proper briefing and make sure everyone understands the workplan.

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Professional Tree Services Toronto

Everyone working on the job will be trained in emergency response procedures. All climbers must be trained and capable of carrying out an aerial rescue. We are trained in First Aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and always have a first aid kit on site. After a job we have a debrief to address any areas for improvement.

Jack of All Trees is fully insured and a copy of our insurance is available for inspection. With Jack of All Trees you can have complete peace of mind about the safety of the work being carried out.

How to cut down a tree safely?

Professional Tree Services Toronto

The safest way to cut down a tree is to hire a professional, certified arborist to do it for you! You might think cutting a tree down yourself is a way to save a bit of money but unless you know what you are doing and have all the right equipment this could turn out to be a false economy.

You will need the right skills, the right protective gear, the right equipment, which has been properly maintained, an assessment of overhead and surrounding hazards, a felling plan and a plan to remove the stump and dispose of the debris. If the tree has a diameter over 30 cm you will need a permit to remove it. There are fines for cutting down a tree in Toronto without a permit.

So if you need a tree cut down, don’t take risks with your safety or the safety of your property. Contact your local, certified arborist for a free written quotation. We are fully insured and highly qualified and will deal with everything – from obtaining a permit to removing the stump and debris.

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