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Tree Planting Toronto

A tree is a big investment and if you are planting a tree you will want to make sure it is done properly. Whether you are planting trees as part of your plan for your yard, for their environmental benefits or to replace a tree that’s been cut down, we can help.

Jack of All Trees fully support Toronto’s aim to increase our city’s tree canopy. Trees sequester carbon, create ecosystems, provide oxygen and cooling shade, and filter out some pollutants from the air. For every tree you remove under authorisation of the City of Toronto, you must replant another. The exception is when a request to pay in lieu of replanting has been approved.

If you are thinking about planting a tree and need some help with selection of the right species, site preparation, planting or aftercare, get in touch.

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How to choose which tree to plant

The most important part of planting is to match the tree and the planting site. The characteristics of the site will determine which trees will do well in that location. In our city we encounter a vast number of microclimates all affected by buildings, topography, pavement, and other surroundings. Choosing a native species will increase the chances of your tree thriving. But you also need to select a species that will adapt to the specific features of the planting site.

You also need to select a tree that is right for your objective. Are you planting a tree to increase shade, for protection from the elements, for privacy or simply for aesthetics? Does it need to be fast growing? Selecting the correct tree will stop maintenance costs in the long run with pruning, fertilization, and pesticide application.

Selecting and planting your tree

Tree Planting Toronto

If you are confident about selecting your own tree then we are happy to help you plant it up. But we always advise our clients to let us help them find premium nursery stock from one of our trusted suppliers. You will then have peace of mind that you will have a healthy tree. We will then prepare the site and plant up the tree for you. All our trees are planted with a warranty so you can have peace of mind that your investment is protected.

Aftercare and tree maintainance

Once your tree is planted up we will advise you on the proper way to look after it – how much water it will need, how and when to water it and how and when to fertilize the tree. Don’t expect to see a lot of growth quickly. The first years after a tree has been planted most of the tree’s energy goes into establishing its root system.

When’s the best time to plant a tree in Toronto?

The best time to plant a tree in Toronto is in the early Spring. This will give the tree the maximum time to establish it’s roots before it’s first winter. There will also be more rainfall to help keep it well watered. Don’t leave it too late to plant or the tree might not cope with summer conditions. A young tree should be planted before it has had time to develop any foliage.

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