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Plant Health Care

Good plant health doesn’t happen in isolation. Healthy trees and plants are a result of a healthy eco-system. Jack of All Trees can advise on all aspects tree maintenance and the management of your land or yard to ensure your trees stay healthy.

Our ISA Certified arborists look at the entire urban ecosystem that can affect the health of your trees. For example, lawn care treatment could jeopardise the health of your trees. Excessive nitrogen applications can damage your trees and encourage insects and lawn care machinery can damage trunks or surface tree roots. Or excessive watering to encourage lawn growth can cause tree roots to rot.

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Controlling pests and diseases naturally

plant health care

The best way manage pests and diseases naturally is to keep the eco-system of your yard in balance. Monitoring trees and plants for signs of pests, managing irrigation systems to avoid over-watering and not creating habitats that encourage pests or rodents that can damage your trees. Plants that are stressed because they are competing for water or nutrients, damaged and unhealthy plants attract pests. Keeping your soil healthy, regularly cleaning up garden debris and mulching with organic matter will keep your plants healthy. A good yard maintenance routine and regular inspection is the best way to prevent problems with your trees.

Always choose disease resistant varieties of plant if possible. Also, try planting varieties that repel pests or attract their natural predators.

What should I do if my plants are diseased?

Plant Health Care

Some diseases are infectious and diseased plants attract pests. So, remove and destroy any fruit or foliage that you think may be diseased as soon as you notice it. If in doubt, call in a professional to advise. When choosing plants for your yard, try to choose disease resistant varieties.

How can I prevent diseases spreading?

Make sure you don’t unwittingly spread diseases to your plants through your clothes, hands, footwear or tools. Make sure you properly clean your tools between uses. When re-using pots disinfect them with a weak bleach solution before replanting them.

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